Be My A.D. services can streamline and enhance your event! Check them out below!

Event Operations

HoopFluence was formed to showcase all things positive that come from youth basketball. Combining that philosophy with over a decade of event operation experience, HoopFluence is ready to "Be The Influence" that changes travel basketball as we know it!


Event Scheduling

Tired of looking at grids to optimize gym space? Can't seem to align all schedule requests to make a perfect schedule? We are here to help! Our schedulers have scheduled tens of thousands of games for some of the biggest tournaments in the country. Don't wait, book one of our schedulers for your event today!

Mega-Regional Licensing

Mega-regionals are our way of uniting teams across the country who are competing for a common prize. Combining the power of social media and selectively chosen event operators, HoopFluence Mega-Regionals aims to reach athletes from coast to coast on any given weekend!


Remote Event Check-In

Whether you are running a licensed event through a NGB, multi-sport organization, or just looking to streamline roster collection at your event, HoopFluence can assist! Confidentially reduce the need hours of man-power at event check-ins by utilizing our remote check-in processes.


Event Consulting

Struggling to get ahead in your event planning process? HoopFluence event consultation services can assist with a variety of things from official assignments, locating facilities, social media strategies, just to name a few. Contact us today to let us know how we can help you Be The Influence in youth basketball!


Media Services

Coming Soon!